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We’re Hydrated

Today’s Tip: This should be obvious, but do what you have to in order to ensure you know your horses are drinking enough. That’s a down-side to automatic waterers, but you can also offer buckets of water from time-to-time, do hydration tests, etc.

Just wanted to let everyone know that the girls are allowed at the waterer now. Not sure that it’s on their terms, but they are allowed to drink. The funniest part is that I give them hay far away from my three. In an expression of control, Classy brings his mares in to move in on the new girls’ hay. They stand off for a while, then they move in on Classy’s herd’s hay, which is near the waterer. Yes Classy. Real smart. You now have hay for two instead of three and no water. Brilliant…


My Good Samaritan Day

Today’s Tip: Be thankful for every moment you can rest and relax and feel at least moderately confident that your horses and family are safe.

I’ve been complaining too much lately. I always do, but especially lately, amidst all the mud and yuck. For the last 24 hours, though, I have been giving thanks for all I have.

Last night I received an email about a couple of horses that needed to be moved immediately. The owner had received threats from her neighbors that they would shoot the horses. Despite annoying neighbors from time-to-time, facilities that I wish I could improve, and all the other concerns I harbor for my equine family members, I always feel confident that no one is out to hurt them. I have some great neighbors that are not only good citizens, but also help out with chores when we’re out of town and are helpful in other neighborly ways. It’s an incredible comfort, and one that I will be saying more prayers of thanksgiving for.

Despite a lot of calls, emails, and Facebook messages, I haven’t found a good place for them, especially since their owner can’t afford “going rate, boarding barn” fees. So they’re living with me now. This isn’t the situation I really wanted to be in. I don’t have shelter for any more horses (walls yes, no roof). I’m really hoping for some decent weather for just one more week. Then the fjords will go home and we’ll sort this out.

The two “new girls” are learning to fit in with my three. The fjords are hanging out on their side and it seemed, for a number of reasons, that they would be best off with my guys. Classy is doing a little male posturing. I put him out with them first because I knew how he would try to separate “his” girls, so I thought he should show off for the new kids it town without involving anyone else. He and Evee were happy to hang out in their half of the paddock and eat hay and give them nasty looks. Pretty, however, wanted to go make nice. There was a little more running and squealing and sorting things out. As long as everyone stays in their corners, life will be fine. Only problem is my three have the corner with the water. I’m assuming it will be sorted out by tomorrow, but I better go carry some water to them just to make sure.

Please keep the girls’ owner and her daughter in your thoughts and prayers. They’re searching hard for a new place for them and their furry family members to live.