High Class GiftClassy
Classy is my baby. He’s 16 years old this year, which I can hardly believe! He is the first horse that was ever truly “mine.” He was born on our family farm on a very hot June 16, 1995. Other than my mom refusing to let me do the imprinting (ok…I suppose letting a 12-year-old who hasn’t done it before go crazy with a new baby doesn’t make a lot of sense…), I’ve done all of his training. For those of you who have experienced that, you know how great it is to watch a horse progress throughout their life. There’s also the downside of knowing you’re the only one to blame for their downfalls!

During his life, he’s been shown in Saddleseat and Western pleasure and equitation, showmanship (yea for 4-H!), trail class and a few other versatility classes, a few dressage shows, and a couple of trail trials. We’ve also explored our fair share of trails together. A few years ago he and I also volunteered our time at Great Strides, a therapeutic horseback riding program, which he was great at! Besides that experience, he’s also been a teacher for a number of able-bodied lesson students at my home. He’s not perfect, but he makes a safe, good learning experience for budding riders.

Oh So Pretty
Pretty is the horse that every girl wants – the sweetest disposition you’ve ever seen, gorgeous hair (like a Friesian, I’ll have to get a non-braided picture up here soon), and a very willing attitude. And to top it all off, she’s definitely a walker. Nothing over the top, but a nice, solid, consistent, 4-beat gait.

Pretty is also the first horse I ever bought. She’s eight now and I bought her when she was five. Some people could have thought I was crazy. When I first rode her at the Midwest Horse Fair when she was three, she had a bit of an attitude. Her chosen solution when she disagreed? Throw a tantrum and rear. Seriously rear. I must have seen through the tantrums, because I bought her and have never regretted it!

Since owning her, I’ve shown her at a number of Tennessee Walking Horse shows, but only 2-gait English classes, we’re still working on a canter and we’re not even really working on Western yet. She’s also proving to be an excellent trail horse – sensible, calm, and comfortable to ride all day. She has also come with me to RideAbility, an equine-assisted therapy program for people with disabilities and their families (a different one than Classy only because we’ve moved since then). Classy was great, she’s outstanding. And given the fact that her life experience is a lot less right now, that says a ton for her disposition.

Pretty’s 2011 season will include more showing and trail riding, but I also hope to get serious about her canter this year. If you by chance want to donate a round pen to the cause, let me know!


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