2008 MWHA Trail TrialsMy name is Katie. I’ve been working with horses since I was just a few days old. Although years of lessons, clinics, practice, talking with others, and simply being around these glorious animals that we are allowed to care for has given me a lot of experience, I’m still always a student.

Come with me as I try to overcome excuses, develop plans, and work toward my goals. Along the way I hope to entertain, inspire, and maybe even help others on their own journeys!

Please feel free to comment, ask your own training questions, or provide suggestions. If you’re a trainer yourself, please feel free to share your thoughts on our journey and share your own information with the readers who visit.

I am only recounting stories of my experiences. They may or may not work for everyone and I don’t even promise that they make sense! I take no responsibility for the outcome if you follow my advice…unless it’s a favorable outcome, then it’s all me!

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