Just Relax!

Today’s Tip: Check for pain as a cause for problems. If that’s not it, it’s probably you!

I’ve said that I was concerned about Pretty’s teeth. I’ve also said she hasn’t been doing much of a walk this spring. Her teeth have been fixed. She was happier, but still not doing even a nice, forward, “working” walk (not quite a flat walk, but more than a dog walk) without pacing. Today I figured it out. After a few trips up and down the driveway (I’m REALLY eager for the mud to dry up!), she wasn’t quite so jumpy. I let up on the reins a little just to see what she would do if it I didn’t try to “hold her in.” Yep, that fixed it. Sure, her head was lower and her nose farther out. No, I don’t think she’d do a full out running walk, or even a flat walk, in that frame (no collection, she’d be all-over-sloppy). But I got to enjoy her walk again! I have some church events the next couple of nights, so I’m afraid I can’t ride again until Thursday. I’m hoping we can then go for a REAL ride down the road.


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