Today’s Tip: Don’t give up! Summer’s coming!

We’re back in a winter wonderland. Last week we were in a mucky mess and now the snow has returned. I’d admit, this morning when the snow and wind had stopped and the sun was shining, the landscape was breathtaking. But I’m done. You’ve seen me declare my unending love for snow, but I still start to crave the warmth of the summer sun and the safety of ice (and mud) free earth.

While I immerse myself in the overwhelming amount of work (as in job-work, not just the random assortment of “things to do”) I have to do and the thesis editing I should be doing, I just wanted to remind you all that spring will come back and summer will soon be here!

This is me aboard my mom's pony Cookie. She bought her almost 3 1/2 years ago - a six-year-old pony who'd never been ridden! Obviously she's more short horse than pony, but she's technically a pony. My dad has been riding her. The day I took her out on the trail was an 80+ degree day. Thank goodness for an off-shore breeze from Lake Michigan or we would have melted. (On the downside there were a plethora of mosquitos in certain areas, but it wasn't too bad.)


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