The Impending Clip

I’m giddy with the high of retail therapy! Actually, it’s better than “retail” therapy because it’s “getting a great deal on a gently used item that needs a new home” therapy! Come Sunday afternoon, I’m going to have a super-duper, serious set of clippers ready for spring body clipping.

I have never body clipped before. Just never had a reason. This year, though, I’m taking Pretty to the Midwest Horse Fair and the Minnesota Horse Expo. Pretty – the woolly mammoth of horses – will in no way be ready for public exhibition in April without a serious encounter with the clippers.

For the last several months I have been racking my brain regarding how to get my hands on some clippers suitable for body clipping. I just have a nice trimmer, perfect for ears, faces, bridle paths, etc., but it would be pure torture to do an entire body with them.

Finally it occurred to me – Pretty was body clipped when I rode her at the Midwest Horse Fair five years ago, before I owned her. I knew her previous owners were kind of getting out of horses, or at least to the extent that would require body clipping, so I sent them an email. Low and behold – they had two sets they wanted to sell. After much deliberation (not sure why, there was a clear choice, but my mom made me question spending the extra money, which is odd because that’s not usually her “way”) I finally decided on the Groomer’s Edge Portable – Variable Speed Clipper. Most importantly for my purposes, despite the fact that it’s a stellar set of clippers, is that the motor is separate from the clipper so it won’t overheat. The previous owner did suggest rotating blades as the blades do get hot, but at least I should be able to clip her whole body in one shot.

If you are a veteran body clipper – or even if you’ve just done it once – I’d love to hear the lessons that you learned from your experiences.


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  1. Posted by goamwat on February 22, 2011 at 11:06 am

    Hey Twin,

    So you know that I was a communications major, right?

    I’m awful at clipping. Kinetic was once demoted to the “back of the barn” so potential boarders wouldn’t be frightened off by the horrific clipping job I did. He looked like a moldy zebra.


  2. Oh no! At least I’m doing it enough ahead of time that HOPEFULLY the mistakes will grow out. I’m kind of obsessive on my clipping, but it’s usually just face, legs, etc., so much smaller areas. And I have horrible lighting in most places I clip, so I generally get out in the sun and realize it was awful after all. Hoping for a sunny day and to do it outside!

    Yes, I saw the communications part. Seriously, twins. And in case you missed the connection, I was the one who commented on the late night, “Why did I do this?!” post regarding going back to school. That’s been my life for two years…


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