Back On Grid

Today’s Tip: Take time to learn something new, even if it’s not going to be a lifelong passion.

My little brother and me on a mountain in Utah a couple of years ago.

Only crazy people leave piles of snow and ice to go spend money to careen down larger piles of snow and ice at high speeds, but that’s where I have been the last few days. My baby brother lives in Montana, so we visited him for our annual skiing excursion. This was the first year – and quite possibly the last – that my husband partook in the ritual. He is not a skier, but I thought it was time he experienced the ritual. The beginner runs in Montana are large and gentle and are a good place, in my opinion, to begin mountain skiing. Though we’ll never convert him to a hard core skier, he toughed it out well and I was proud of him.

There was one run that my husband and I started out together. We split off at one point so I could take a slightly more advanced run. Whatever leads me to love trail riding must also affect my skiing preferences because I like to – though am not particularly good at – ski the trees! At one point I got to the top of a steeper drop-off and I felt like saying, “I could ski this, but I don’t really need to.” Just as I was about to head off another direction, I remembered that what I just told myself was exactly what I had told my husband that he shouldn’t be saying. To avoid hypocrisy, off I went, down the steeps.

I’ll never be hard core, my husband will never be even a casual skier, but we both pushed ourselves a little on this vacation.

On the drive back, I started daydreaming when I saw the horses that scattered the countryside and the vast expanses of undeveloped land in Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. I pictured the riding that I was ready to get started with in 2011. I’m hoping to keep pushing myself on horseback, just as I did on skis last week. Come with me! What are your goals in 2011?


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