My poor girls already survived a Snopocalypse once this year. This was taken December 11, 2010. We got just under 20″ of snow and had terrible winds followed by -20* weather (and the Metrodome collapse, but let’s focus on the important stuff).

Just for the record, Classy also survived, though I did fear he may impale himself in the night. “Why?” you ask. Take a look at these icicles hanging from his pudgy belly:

Yes. That sucker was almost 2″ thick and I could not get it off. Normally I scrape the snow and ice off my horses before I put them to bed if I’m bringing them inside. I know it will melt in there and there’s no need for extra moisture on their bodies. If they’re outside, the snow serves as a kind of shell, preventing them from getting wet and cold. A little melts (obviously! hence the icicles), but not enough to soak through to the skin (usually).

I may be the only one, but I’m kind of bummed that we’re not getting a Snowpocalypse this week. First of all I love all the good names for it. Second of all, that’s what winter’s all about! (sorry for the “mild language” below)

I love snow. I do. I hate wind, so I’m not digging that our problem tonight is wind, but, c’est la vie. (And yes, I do acknowledge the problems including loss of life that can occur from blizzards. For those who legitimately do suffer…not just complain…you do have my prayers.)

Time to stop procrastinating, finish this section of thesis revisions, and then put my ponies to bed and get them out of the wind!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, but the question is how long you can love snow. I think most of us love a snowy day or even a snowy week, but then when you can’t get to the market or have the kids stuck at home on snow days or have to deal with frozen pipes or just plain shiver non-stop for too long, you reach a breaking point. That icicle hanging off the horse is outrageous.


  2. Oh there are other parts of winter I get sick of REAL fast – the darkness, the cold, the wind, the having to put on 42 layers just to step out the door, and, of course, not having a decent place to ride due to 2′ of snow! The snow, though, never really bothers me (until spring when it all melts at once). I don’t have kids and thankfully my job is flexible enough I can work from home, so it’s only if I have special travel plans that it really messes me up!


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