Baby Steps

Today’s Tip: Set small goals. They’re easier to achieve and sometimes lead toward achieving even more than the goal!

It’s that time of the year – the time where winter has caught up with everyone’s body, the novelty of new year’s resolutions has worn off, and spring is starting to (maybe, just maybe) come into sight. I’ve heard several people, just in the last few days, mention the need to get serious about losing weight. I mention that “the novelty of new year’s resolutions has worn off” because a lot of people get really excited about their new plans. For me it seems really easy because I have off work between Christmas and New Year’s Day. When you’ve had a week without work in the way, goals seem so much easier! For some, they commit to too much and after a couple weeks, it fails.

A couple of these mentions of the need to lose weight have included requests for sharing tips. Generally speaking, I feel like the last one to provide weight lost tips. I can yo-yo within a range of maybe 20 pounds…no, probably not even that much. I can get up to 10 pounds over where I usually am and sometimes manage to get up to 5 pounds under that average. That 5 under, maybe a couple more, is about where I want to be, so I never feel the need to be too serious about it.

Despite my weight loss goals being different than others’, I have come to realize I do have some tips to share. I do have related goals, including eating healthier and getting more in shape (muscle definition, lung capacity, strength, etc.). I also have other goals to which I have to commit time. Here is my major tip for anyone trying to achieve a goal that requires you to carve out time to achieve.

Just promise yourself you only need to complete one little bit.

If you need to exercise, just commit to 10-20 minutes (depending on how much you started with). It’s more than 0. And guess what. Once you have those first 10 minutes done, you might feel like doing some more! One of my goals is keeping a cleaner house. This morning I came home from church and set out to pick up one little corner. I ended up cleaning for 2 hours because it felt so good! A couple nights this week I promised myself I would take the time to clean one wheelbarrow full of manure out of the paddock a couple of different nights. While I really didn’t give any more time (I did have to move on to other things), I got it done and felt great about it!

So whether it’s 10 minutes or one load of laundry or getting one horse groomed today, just go out and do it!


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