My Love-Hate Relationship with Winter

Today’s Tip: Winder has it’s problems, but learn to love its beauty!

I have a confession. I like, nay, LOVE winter. That’s not something one here’s often. Especially not in Minnesota. Most especially not from horse people in Minnesota. It’s cold. It’s snowy. It’s icy. And it’s dark. But snow is one of the most magical substances in all of creation. It’s pristine and bright and fluffy. A bright, crisp-but-not-too-cold morning with hoar frost covering the trees and making the entire landscape shine with it’s white brilliance.

Despite my love for winter, though, winter screws up my plans. A week ago one of my automatic waterers froze. We’ve had problems with it for the last two years but thought it was finally fixed. Friday morning, 10 minutes after I was supposed to leave for work, I was trying in vain to thaw it and then dragging out the water tank, filling it, and setting up the tank heater. Monday night, after the temps went back up, I did get it thawed out, but not without winter throwing a big wrench in my life for four days first.

Since we went back to “standard time” in November, winter has also been wreaking havoc on my evening plans. As winter progressed, it also effected my mornings. I get up in the dark. Feed the horses in the dark. Come home after dark. Try to check on the horses and do evening chores in the dark. I don’t have outdoor lights, so there’s very little I can do, including ride, most weeknights. I also can’t check on the horses as thoroughly as I’d like to. I can’t drag myself out of bed in the dark morning hours. I get depressed from lack of sunshine. Boo to dark winters…

Tonight’s problem was manure management. The horses “wander” less in the paddock, so they poop in the same small areas, which is usually right by the barn because it’s out of the wind. Tonight was warm (23* or so) and humid, so it actually smells like manure now. I tried to clean some up, but it’s still frozen into a field of tiny poopcicles. There they will stay until spring when it turns into a muddy quagmire for the duration of spring.

Oh farm life…


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