Business Opportunity

Today’s Tip: Keep some balance in your life. Sometimes activities can “multitask” for things you need to get done, and that’s ok.

Wanted: One self-motivated, entrepreneur-type with creative thinking skills to begin a new business venture with me. This new business will solve problems that have plagued two large sections of the human populations for years, decades even! Apply today!

Technically I stole this photo just cause I liked it, but now that I realize I should be worried about getting hemorrhoids from stacking hay, maybe you should follow the link to read more yourself! Just watching out for you 🙂

Seriously, every time I get knee-deep in a physically-involved horse care activity (think “unloading hay”) I wonder how in the world we have to PAY people to help us with these tasks while others are paying excessive amounts of money for exercise equipment, gym memberships, etc. There is just something wrong with this picture. I want to figure out some way to set up some kind of “boot camp” for people wanting to lose weight and/or get in shape. The week will feature weight lifting (stacking hay), interval training (cleaning stalls), aerobic workouts (catching herds of horses – have you ever seen a person try to get a whole group to go somewhere they don’t want to? it can look an awful lot like jumping jacks and other aerobic moves!), stretching (trying to get bridles on tall horses), and more! There has to be an idea in here somewhere…

Last night I had several things in mind to do. One included exercise. The “critical” things to do, though, included unloading the hay I bought this weekend, cleaning up the manure that the horses insisted on leaving near the doorway to the barn as they’ve been huddling out of the wind lately (at least clean it up as best I can in below freezing weather, some “poopcicles” just won’t budge!), and un-thawing one of my automatic waterers that froze in last weekends -20* weather. All of those missions were successful, and I also talked myself into creating some balance in my goals. I wanted to exercise, but realized that those things gave me the workout I needed while accomplishing something practical! I wanted to spend some quality horse time. I can’t say that these things qualified as time with the horses, but it did make me feel good that I did some good things for my friends, so I called it good and went inside to try and get some other things done.

Of course I’m still not perfect. The plan was to go inside and work on my thesis revisions – I’m trying to get this wrapped up so I have one less excuse! – but that didn’t get very far. I guess I have a goal for tonight!

So whether you want to help me with my new business venture, want to sign up to participate, or want to help me with my thesis, just let me know!


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