REturned, REnewed, REsolved, REcommitted!

Today’s Tip: Just do it! Ok, I think this is kind of a repeat, but I’m trying to RE-“just do it”!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been catching up with many un-caught-up-with tasks – cleaning my house (including tacking things like a closet I’ve hardly touched sine moving in almost 3 years ago), clearing out my email inbox, getting back to reading for fun, exercising again, getting more sleep, etc. Today I decide the blogosphere was a goal! I’ve caught up (well…sort of) on a few blogs and hope to get a few more done. Reading them I was seeing a common thread – “Sorry I’ve been kind of absent for a while!” Let me add my voice to the chorus!

Tango Dressage’s post titled, “Moving past Perfect…” specifically addressed some of my feelings. I didn’t really have something earth-shattering to say and just got away from it! She inspired me to get back on track and so that’s the plan!

So my question for you as I get busy not only with blogging, but also with getting back on the ponies is what creative tricks have you used to get riding in the winter? We have a lot of snow, a lot of darkness at night, a lot of cold temperatures and no indoor arena to hide in!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks so much for the link! It is hard to get something posted but I always feel better when I do- I enjoy corresponding with my fellow bloggers! Maybe we can keep each other motivated!! I’ve enjoyed checking out your blog!! When I post (hopefully tomorrow!) I’ll add your blog to my blogroll. Thanks again!!


  2. I’m hoping this year’s blog turns into less “I’ve been making excuses because ________ and now I’m going to stop” and more into actual horse stuff! I’d love to be able to motivate each other. New starts, including a new year, always help goals seem more attainable.


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