Needed Some Time Off

Today’s Tip: Sometimes you need to force yourself to get out there because you’re just being lazy. Sometimes you need to listen to yourself and take some time off.

One of my goals over the last few weeks was to stop making excuses (it’s hot, I need to get the house cleaned, I’m tired, the flies are too bad, etc.) and just get out and ride. I always felt much better once I did and realized my excuses were dumb. Last week, though, I took out Classy one night and Pretty the next. Nothing went terribly wrong, but I got very frustrated. I took Classy out right at dusk and was riding bareback, so I didn’t want to deal with shenanigans. That time of day, however, is always terrible for him, and it was that day too. I just kept getting angry that he wouldn’t even go over to the part of the paddock where he eats every day. That seems like an unreasonable fear to me. The next day I tried to canter Pretty. I thought we’d been making progress, but I had a terrible time with her right lead. That’s the one that she had been picking up at least sometimes. I couldn’t get anything, only a left lead front, right lead behind. I didn’t want to stop because I wanted to make her get it, but I also knew that she was tired, didn’t understand, and was not likely to get it that night.

After two frustrating rides and muggy weather (which makes me crabby anyway), I just gave up for the rest of the week. I’m hoping that this week, with lower humidity predicted and a clean house, I can get back to some horsey time. Last week I just needed a few days off or I think I was going to have a mental breakdown! I’m always trying to find the balance of taking time “for myself” and staying motivated. It’s a tough line to walk and I don’t think I do a very good job, but I’ll keep trying!


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