Again and Again and Again…

Today’s Tip: Just keep doing it again and again and again. Consistency can pay off! Read on to find out how I reminded myself of this concept this week.

Sometimes I have to remind myself of something my mom once told me, “The best Classy ever looked was the year you rode him almost every day to get him ready for the State 4-H Horse Show.” It reminds me that working every single day really does make a difference. I’ve noticed it a lot with Pretty. She has a really good gait, but I never really have gotten into the habit of riding her consistently every day. Also, I don’t have a very even riding surface. That means I use it as an excuse not to ride consistently for longer periods of time and it may also work against my working on consistency. However, if I can keep a horse going consistently over uneven footing, slopes, etc., that has to make it that much easier for the horse to be consistent in a ring, right?

Her lack of consistency showed at last weekend’s horse show. She did pretty good, but she just didn’t believe that she had to keep going for that long or that she should stay in the same “place” regarding her gait. We probably lost some placings because of it. Consistency has now been renewed as one of my goals with her. Actually, it is with Classy too. I always have to remind myself of that because he’s pretty much always “him,” but even a good horse can lose consistency if it’s not worked on!

Last night I didn’t really want to ride. I didn’t have time to really work on something and I just didn’t have the motivation to go get the horses, groom, DOUSE with fly spray, tack up, and get on. Riding wasn’t really the problem, it was the work that went with it. I reminded myself of what Mom said, and got a bridle out. I though I’d just go the easy route and ride bareback to save a little work. Yes, I did also get the helmet and fly spray, no I didn’t really groom…I’m a bad horse mom…

I can’t really say that we made progress toward consistency, but that’s the trick with it. If you’re really working toward consistency, you don’t notice it day after day. You notice it in the placings in the show ring, on the trail when you can just cruise along and not work at the gait, and at the end of the year when you look back at where you started.

So just keep plugging around. Go around that ring again and again and again… It will pay off!


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