…Because the Basics CAN Pay Off!

Today’s Tip: The foundation that you build slowly, bit by bit, over time does eventually pay off! Read on to find out what our epiphany was today!

So much excitement, so little blog space! Today was my first day with my new helmet, the Troxel Legacy Gold. I wish I could “afford” a cheaper helmet, but only this and a couple other similarly priced models fit me. Thankfully it’s a stellar helmet!

I also got news today that as a Kerrits Ambassador I’m going to get the chance to review the Kerrits new Ice Fill® Sleeves. Watch for more to come. I’m very intrigued by this new product, especially on such a HOT summer!

Pretty & Katie in Kerrits Gear

Pretty and I go for a ride through the pasture.

And the biggest excitement, there might be hope for Pretty’s canter! Earlier today I posted about how important working on the basics were for Evee. Today I realized how much balance can really pay off. Pretty still doesn’t really canter under saddle. Last we tried, it was all counter canter if she got it at all and she was starting to resort to just a flying pace instead of a cater attempt at all. After a while, I kind of gave up and started a two-pronged approach to progress: one was to focus on really teaching her to work off a bit (as opposed to just using it to direct her head) and work of legs, the second was to whine that I didn’t have a round pen to work her in!

Today, Pretty was being really stubborn about moving out in some places, so I really got after her (partly out of frustration…note to self – try to rein in my frustration…). She tried cantering, so I thought to myself, “Enough excuses, just get back to working on it!” Thankfully she has always seemed to get the hang of the cue/depart really well. She also comes out of it really well. The downside is that she doesn’t get her leads right…at all. Today she did get the right lead the first time, as asked. It was kind of running, but it was the right thing!

Then we tackled the left lead… For a minute I thought she actually got switched to the totally right thing, but now I’m not so sure. Every subsequent attempt was left lead in front, right lead behind. I could slow her down so that it wasn’t AS rough, but it was still wrong. The good news was she seemed confident about going into the canter and she does willingly slow down. I think we really do have to go back to the lunge line to build up that left lead, but I’m really going to do it this time. Hold me to it!


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