Goals Can Be Fun AND Useful

Today’s Tip: Goals are obviously beneficial to define what you’re working toward, but they can have pleasant side effects too! Read on to hear how mine positively influenced my day!

As of Friday the trails around here are officially open. A couple of times I remember deciding to go trail riding in April and then realized that the trails aren’t open yet. Although this was one of those years, opening weekend did eventually come! Today another couple joined my husband and I on an awesome trail ride. The temperature was great, there weren’t any bugs, the trail was beautiful but not too challenging for a couple of husbands who don’t get out much, and the spring flowers were in bloom. And best of all, the horses seemed happy to be out there too!

This evening after I got home I was contemplating my trail riding excursions for the year. I have three rides in my log book – today’s, one from a couple of weeks ago that was technically just road riding but at least it was away from home, and a trip down our road last week. I also have a few more rides penciled in for this month. This is more that I sometimes get around to in a whole year! Why the difference?

I realized that part of the difference is that I have something to work toward. In a couple of weeks Classy and I will be at the Three Phase Event. In preparation, he needs riding both to get him exposed to things and remember how to handle new situations and to get some exercise to build up his muscles. It gives me a reason why I “have to” ride. If I don’t “have to,” it’s easy for me to stay home and do other things I should be doing. Part of it is also being a little overwhelmed with work and school at the moment means that I really need to get out and do something fun, but I think the goal thing is a little more effective!

Sorry no pictures…I realized as we were getting off that I forgot the camera!


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