Today’s Tip: There’s no substitution for patience. Easier said than done, but read on to see how it actually can pay off!

Patience is not my strong suit, but I’ve been asked to have a lot of it lately. At work I need to have patience that if I keep plugging along and getting my work done I will get through this crazy time of year. A week and a half from now I’ll be done! At home I have to have patience because I have a lot of seeds planted that I check anxiously every day hoping for little green sprouts. In my riding I keep being reminded that patience is the only thing that will get results.

On Tuesday I decided Classy needed to get out of the ring. The Three Phase Event is only 1/3 about dressage, but it’s that 1/3 that I’ve been focusing on the most. Classy can do really well at a lot of things, but going out the driveway and down the road is his absolute worst activity. He’s nervous about the unseen bogymen and anxious about the friends he left behind and just plain stupid. We got down the road with minimal excitement, but then it was time to come home. If he had his own way, we’d get home in about a quarter of the time that it took us to get down the road. Unfortunately it took us much longer to get home. We’d come back, he’d build up his anxiety and speed and then it would be time to turn around and go back and try it again. This is definitely one of the most tedious training activities we do, but hopefully some day it will pay off. By the time we finished, he was still kind of rushing, but at least I could loosen up on the reins and ride fairly normally.

Yesterday Classy and I went back to the ring work. It was probably on the agenda anyway, but that plan was solidified when I got home and it was overly windy and we didn’t need two reasons to be stupid on the road. Often when it’s that windy I’ll just skip riding, but I’m trying to be a little more focused this year, so we went out. As anticipated, Classy was a knob. It didn’t help that the mares felt the need to run around like crazies. Surprisingly, though, after a few minutes he calmed down and did quite well – my patience actually paid off! Maybe this is the start of a new patient me?


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