Ahhh…I’m back!

Today’s Tip: Every horse should be able to be ridden effectively in a snaffle, even if it’s not their normal bit. Read on for more on this theory.

It’s seriously been this long since I got to do anything with my horses. Well, almost. This time of year is insane for me. It’s the busiest time of year for work, I have so much I want to do outside, and I have some schoolwork to be doing too (this is my last spring, yea!).

Yesterday, thankfully, was a busy, busy day of stuff I actually wanted to do. I was up till 4:30 a.m. writing a paper, so I did sleep in, but then I went into town for errands like new fence boards. The fjords that were here last winter were seriously little bulldozers. They broke at least half a dozen fence boards and I don’t even have a lot of board fence!

Then I came home and cleaned up all the loose hay in the paddock. I don’t think the horses like this hay as much, so they haven’t

Water Tank Cart

Necessity is the mother of invention. I only have a muck bucket with a little wheeled cart for cleaning stalls and I had a LOT of hay to clean up from the paddock. My solution? Take the unused water tank. Put it on the little-used hand cart set up to role on all four wheels, and push it around. It was a great plan! I hauled 4+ of these suckers out of there. What a waste of hay...

always been cleaning it up and now they’ve dug it into the ground and peed on it and it’s gotten sun bleached, so it had to be gotten rid of. It was sickening to see that much hay go to waste, but it wasn’t going to get eaten and was only going to breed flies, so away it went.

Than I got to ride!!! Classy was well-behaved but just not himself gait-wise. This horse will not pee when being ridden and I think he really had to go, so that’s probably what was keeping him all tight. It wasn’t much use to battle with him because he was just not going to do it, so we focused on some other mental exercises for a little while and ended a little early, which meant I got to ride Pretty. I don’t know for sure how she was started, but when I bought her she was being ridden with a pretty long-shanked curb bit. Although I show her in a curb, I think every horse should respect a snaffle and I think they have important lessons to teach about giving to the bit, so I have been working her in a snaffle. She still has a lot to learn about really giving to the bit, but she was making progress and setting herself up pretty nicely. Now if only I could get her to understand leg pressure…

Today was an absolutely awesome day. About 65-70*, sunny, only a slight breeze, and no huge pressing deadlines. I hauled Classy over to a neighbor woman’s house and we rode for almost 3 hours. It was only road-riding because the trails don’t open until May 1 around here, but we had a great time. Her horse is still pretty new to her and mine is…well, let’s just say he’s not going to win any intelligence awards. I wasn’t entirely sure what would happen, but they both behaved like rock stars. Even on a busy traffic day, we just walked along happy as could be. Classy’s toes are a little more square than when we started, but the farrier is coming on Tuesday. Thankfully he has tough soles!

I have a ton of work to do this week and a busy schedule, so we’ll see where things go this week, but the Three Phase Event is only a few weeks away, so we better get more serious!


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