Hit the Road!

Today’s Tip: It’s easy to take our horses for granted, even sometimes resent the work that goes into them, when we seem them every day. We should learn to appreciate every moment with them!

FINALLY! Although the days of this week kind of seemed to go quickly, the hours dragged on and on. I love a lot of the conferences I go to, but I miss home too. The other night I was watching a movie that had a few short horse appearances and the next day the speaker mentioned a building that was built “on an old horse farm.” Even those brief sights or mentions of horses brought some tears to my eyes. I’m just not meant to be shut up in a hotel for a week. There isn’t even any grass outside! Yes, there are some nice beds of tulips and other flowers, but there isn’t a lot of grass on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue.

As I post this I’m getting ready to jump back in the car for the drive home. I have a friend who would love to have me stop and visit on the way back. Hopefully I’ll go past at a decent time and be able to do that, but part of me just wants to hurry home. I have horses that need my attention, a dog I have to apologize to for leaving for a week, and a husband who might like to see me too. I’m still holding out hope that some day we might be able to teleport from place to place, but until then I’ll just have to find a way to entertain myself on these long drives!


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