A Love/Hate Relationship with Spring

Today’s Tip: Spring weather may seem nice because the temperatures come up, but the wind and rain in conjunction with thinning coats can lead to chilly conditions. Read on to hear what I’ve been worried about lately.

Last week I sang the praises of the burst of life that came after a brief rain shower. Since then, I’ve loved watching more growth, increased number of buds on the trees and bushes, and the brilliance of the green grass. Spring is here, life is coming back to the earth.

On the other hand, spring is not the best time to be a horse owner. I survived this winter with the snow, the -20* weather, and the frozen waterers. I’m glad it’s over, but it wasn’t that big a deal. The weather we get in the spring, though, brings us things like 40-something degree rain. Rain soaks through the horses’ thinning coats, the wind bringing the changing weather fronts chills their bodies, and the continuing damp keeps things from drying out.

I am attending a conference for work this week, so at least I avoid having to lament the weather keeping me from my horses. However, this means that my busy husband is responsible for the horses. He’s not really a horse person. The other day he told me, “Yes I cleaned the stalls. I didn’t do an impeccable job, but I got the big stuff out and most of the wet stuff.” Really? It takes me 5-10 minutes to clean a stall, depending on how bad it is. By not cleaning it well, it just created a harder task later. Not being a horse person, though, he has to be commended for making an effort. I’ll spend a little more time when I get home and try and remind myself to be grateful that he is willing to help.

He also has to deal with the question, “Do the horses need to come in?” We’ve been getting quite a bit of ongoing rain, so if I were home I might choose to keep them in during the day, put them out for a few hours in the evening to stretch their legs and clean stalls, and then bring them in again for the evening. Thankfully horses, for all their sensitivity, are relatively resilient. My guys are young, healthy, and tough. They’ll make it. Mom will just sit in here in a conference room and worry!


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