Pretty is as Pretty Does

Today’s Tip: Professional photographers do make a difference. Husbands are to be thanked, though. Read on for how even a pretty horse can be…well, not!

I have a horse named Pretty, and she is. She has her conformational faults, but generally she’s the kind of horse that people “ooh and ahh” over. She’s also very affectionate. She’s every little girl’s dream.

However, after getting her mane cleaned up and her jaw clipped yesterday, I took her out today for a little photo shoot. Could we get her to take a respectable picture? No….

Blah Pretty

Daaaa...Ya mean ya wanna take my picture? Does that mean I have to wake up?

Pretty Pretty!

See, she can look Pretty. Why do I have to be in the picture?


Still not great. I've looked better, she could direct both ears the same way, but maybe there's hope?


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